About Me

Yara Zalzal, the driving force behind Frolicsome Writer, embodies a diverse range of passions and expertise. An avid animal rights activist and rescuer, writer, translator, editor, governance expert, and humanitarian worker, Yara's journey in the realms of writing, translation, and proposal crafting began in 2013.

Her academic journey is marked by two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Public Administration (PA) and English Language, complemented by a Diploma in Media and Communication, and crowned with a Master's in PA and NGO governance/management. Yara's immersion in the world of writing ignited during her transformative semester at the University of Cambridge in 2012, where she delved into English Language and Literature courses as part of her BA curriculum.

At the American University of Beirut, while pursuing her master's degree, Yara served as a research assistant and garnered recognition through two prestigious awards: one for outstanding graduate student and another for her groundbreaking dissertation. During this period, her research delved into nonprofit management and governance, culminating in the co-authorship of a book chapter titled "Civil Society and Non-Profit Governance in the Arab World," published by Routledge.

Beyond her scholarly pursuits, Yara's creative spirit finds expression through photography, where she humbly identifies as an amateur. Her photographs capture raw, unfiltered moments, often paired with poignant captions, reflecting her multifaceted artistic vision.

Yara is also an avid animal advocate and activist.