Hi there - I'm a writer, translator, proofreader and animal activist

My Services

Frolicsome Writer is a platform for expressing feelings, thoughts and opinions whether in terms of political/social pieces or creating more artistic, literary or fiction/non-fiction fragments. You can submit pieces in English, French and/or Arabic around certain literary, poetical, political, social and even religious topics to make your voice heard. We will review your chef d’oeuvres and post them on our platforms (Facebook, Instagram and website) provided that the feels fit the ambiance of our social forums. Remember, we are free thinkers. Our mindset involves tolerance of those outside the self as well as acceptance of oneself toward the achievement of a more fulfilled and self-satisfied version.

We are a social enterprise offering services such as: 

- Creative writing, 

- In-depth editing, 

- Proofreading,

- Proposal writing, 

- Translation, 

- Research,

- Thesis dissertation guidance, among others,

to non-profit and for-profit organizations, as well as individuals at reasonable fees. 

About Me

Frolicsome Writer was founded by Yara Zalzal, an animal rights activist and rescuer, writer, translator, editor, governance expert and humanitarian worker. She started working in the field of writing, translation and proposal writing back in 2013. She’s a holder of two BAs in Public Administration (PA) and English Language, as well as a Diploma in Media and Communication, and a Master’s in PA and NGO governance/management. 

    She was particularly inspired to write after she spent a full semester at the University of Cambridge in 2012 where she took a series of English Language and Literature courses as part of her BA. Zalzal worked as a research assistant at the American University of Beirut while pursuing her master’s degree and won two awards, one for being an outstanding graduate student and the other for her dissertation. 

    During that time, she engaged in research around nonprofit management, governance and co-authored a book chapter entitled “Civil Society and Non-Profit Governance in the Arab World” which was published by Routledge.

    As a writer, she also finds keen interest in photography and considers herself an amateur in this field, most of her photographs being raw and unedited/unfiltered, as she loves coupling them with captions.  

    “You can make anything by writing.”

    C. S. Lewis